Sunday, August 23, 2009

Race Supplement part 2

So that I continue to post up useful material, here is a couple more races that will show themselves in the campaign.

Description: Inhabiting river and lake regions, Kappa are a race of reptilian humanoids bearing some semblance to turtles. They are normally content to remain within their own societies, but on occasion a more adventurous individual can be found. They are protected by thick scaly skin as well as a shell-like growth that covers their backside. Kappa are seldom taller than 5 feet or so.

Restrictions: Kappa may become members of any class. A Kappa must have a minimum Constitution score of 11, and are limited to a maximum Dexterity score of 17.

Normal armors will not fit the physique of a Kappa and they normally use only shields to enhance their defenses. Specially constructed armors can be acquired costing substantially more than listed prices and requiring extra time to build.

Special Abilities: Kappa's thick skin grants them a base Armor Class of 13 (equivalent to leather armor), and a Kappa's back is especially tough with an AC of 17 (equivalent to plate mail only for rear attacks). Use these figures unless armor worn grants better AC, which in that case use the normal AC value granted by the armor. A shield will be effective normally in either case.

Kappa swim no better than other humanoid races, but they can hold their breath twice as long. In addition, their underwater vision is also twice as good as normal.

Saving Throws: Kappa saves are at +2 vs. Poison

Description: The Bisren are a race descended from the great Minotaurs of legend. Normally peaceful, Bisren enjoy nature and keep a semi-nomadic lifestyle in regions that the other races call wild. When threatened, Bisren can become quite dangerous, much like their warrior ancestors. Bisren are impressively muscled and generally average 7 feet tall, with some individuals reaching almost 8 feet in height.

Restrictions: Bisren prefer professions associated with their nature oriented lifestyles and may become Fighters or Clerics (often choosing Ranger or Druid if those optional classes are available). While it is rare to find a Bisren Thief, they are not barred from the class (although they do suffer several penalties to roguish abilities). A Bisren character must have minimum Strength and Constitution scores of 11. Not particularly bright or dexterous, Bisren are limited to 17 in Dexterity and Intelligence. Bisren may wear human sized armor, albeit often adjusted slightly to account for their size. Their cloven-hoof feet may not wear typical footwear, unless specially produced for Bisren. Specially constructed helmets are likewise needed to fit their horned heads.

Special Abilities: Bisren roll hit dice one size larger than normal; a d4 would become a d6, a d6 to d8, etc. Bisren are never truly unarmed, as they can gore for 1d6 damage with their horns. Bisren often charge into battle with a gore attack (+2 to hit with double damage, following all normal charging rules) and then switch to weaponry for remainder of fight. They must choose whether to attack with weapons or to gore; they cannot do both in a round. Bisren get an additional +1 bonus on feats of strength such as opening doors due to their great size.

Thief Ability Adjustments: Roguish Bisren have a -10% penalty to Open Locks, Removing Traps, and Picking Pockets. Stealth checks (Moving Silently and Hiding) for Bisren are made normally, although in non-wilderness areas such as indoors, underground (dungeons), or in urban areas, they suffer a -20% penalty to their chance to succeed. Outdoor traps, such as hunting snares or dead-falls do not have the above penalty and instead are made at +10% bonus.

Saving Throws: Bisren gain no special bonuses to their saving throw rolls.

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