Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work Issues - continued

While my time for playing has diminished with the disappearance of my weekends, I have still been developing the odd bits here and there.

Look for the second release of the Grave Master class in the near future. Mr. Gonnerman (BFRPG originator) seems to be hard at work developing the next release of the Ye Olde Dungeoneer's Almanack... I sent him updated and more complete classes to include. I always hated the abbreviated versions found in the supplements, so I have been slowly re-writing the classes so that they can stand alone without cross referencing constantly. I submitted the update for the Druid, the Illusionist, and I intend to rewrite the Assassin, Jester, Ranger (although I prefer my version anyhow), Paladin, Barbarian. I also humbly submitted my Knight class (a version of the Cavalier) as a good addition to that tome.

Feel free to prod Chris to keep his motivation to do the projects going.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work Issues

I have been working hard at my new job... weekends 16hrs Saturday, then again 16hrs Sunday. Nice to get full time benefits in 2 days of work, but it blows out my weekends completely.

Now I am just finishing updating my resume, and beginning to search anew for work to fill the weekdays. Tough finding work these days, even in health care. Hopefully my new licenses and having some real experience to note on applications and resume will speed the process up. If only this nearby Hospital would open up a few positions so I could get my foot in the door with them... as I could walk to work there or at least ride a bicycle instead to save on car expenses.

Anyhow, game still suffers until finances are under better control. Gotta pay the mortgage and eat first.