Monday, August 10, 2009

Incentive for Play

One thing that might seem odd or different, is that I am going to try to use rpg games as rewards for good behaviors and achievement.

I will be tying not only the actual play session to good behavior, but also leveling and in-game rewards. Get a good report card, no bad notes from teachers, doing chores, etc. will all be hand in hand with gaming. Optional races, new classes, etc. will only be options that show when certain benchmarks are hit. I will not allow leveling to occur unless chores are done timely... etc.

While I think that gaming will be a fun reward, I don't necessarily want it to become the total focal point of their lives. My daughter plays piano, but she must continue practice in order to have the opportunity for more gaming. Likewise, my son will be taking martial arts in the near future. His success there will play a part in his gaming.

The idea is to keep some balance in their lives and to keep the game in perspective as another leisure pursuit. I am not sure they will understand my rationale yet, but perhaps over time.

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