Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Official - Supplement

The races I designed for my campaign (for my children) have become an official supplement for Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. The 'official' download (if one can call such clone material official) can be located here:

In addition, a class supplement I was working on is also available. It contains an alternate Ranger, a Knight class, and a new take on some others via what I called Quasi-classes (archer, barbaric, and holy). The quasi classes are something of an add-on to the standard classes, allowing one to create things such as Archer-Fighters, Barbaric-Fighters, Holy-Fighters, as well as more unique Barbaric-Magic Users, Holy-Clerics, Archer-Thief, and more.
Open Office:

There are other fine offerings that have recently made appearances on the BFRPG site. Go to