Wednesday, May 25, 2011

While I haven't posted about it, we have managed to play a few times through the last several months. Sometimes with guests, sometimes just with my kids, and tonight... I actually got my non-gaming wife to participate.

She started off in a very un-interested attitude, which actually started to get me really frustrated. My kids characters decided to make a trip through town (actually the Keep of the "Keep on the Borderlands", which did not help her get into play mode.  After several frustrating minutes trying to get a little role-play interaction with my 6 year old son buying a set of platemail for his faun fighter, I rushed the group out to the caves of chaos... I knew I had to make some things happen for my 'first time playing' wife.

Anyhow, they head into the B Orc Cave and I have a little bit of fun creeping them out with the wall of skulls, especially when they only briefly notice that one of the heads is suddenly missing (the orc guard who has his head through the wall ducks out to notify guards). This is when my wife starts to actually take notice of the game... and the combat begins.  I get the feeling that my wife actually had a good time at this point...

We had to wrap things up then, but I had fun and I don't think I will have nearly as much trouble getting my wife to play again next week on our 'game night Wednesday'.

Basic Fantasy Rules for simple game play... another introduced to gaming.

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  1. That's awesome - I've had some trouble trying to get my own wife to play. I'm hoping to give it another go sometime with a furry kind of fantasy rpg. When I told her once she could play a hedgehog, she got pretty interested. Big Sonic fan it seems.

    Long time no post! ;^)