Friday, May 28, 2010

Schools Out - A little role-play this morning

I took a little time this morning to go over some character creation with my two eldest children. My daughter (7) is really on top of the role-play aspect of the game; not so sure my son (5) understands the separation yet. After choosing characters (Jessica the Phaerim MU and Russel the Faun Fighter), we did a little scenario.

While wandering about their forest village, the pair come across a goblin. The goblin seems OK and offers them a discount to purchase a silver dagger. Jessica and Russel pool their funds to purchase the dagger which neither could purchase by themselves. The goblin departs. The pair hears the town bells going off (calling all to a town meeting), and they head to the community meeting place. The Elven matriarch notifies the inhabitants of the disappearance of two individuals that she sent on an errand to retrieve a magical ring from a sacred place in the forest. Of course our intrepid pair volunteer to investigate. They are given a small map with directions.

Upon heading out of the village, the pair is surprised (by roll) and have to deal with arrows flying in their direction. That pesky goblin 'merchant' is trying to ambush them to steal back the silver dagger in order to resell it again in another village. Lucky bad rolls by the goblin keep him missing (both characters having decent dexterity/AC). Our fairy girl hides in the trees for cover, and Russel the faun starts shooting back with his light crossbow. A few misses, then a strong hit... the goblin is down, gives a last minute monologue about his intent to re-sell the dagger, then passes. My children too it in stride; I guess seeing enough parts of Lord of the Ring makes it OK for Goblins. They retrieve their original funds and make a little silver as well.

The game will resume later after some errands and piano practice.

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