Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time just gets away.

Wow. Time sure does get away.  I have neglected any updates here.

Despite not posting material here, I have still been a little active.  Family gaming time has not been as often as I would like.  Summer movies have been on the agenda lately instead of gaming... anything to get out of our hot little house for a while (no A/C = cranky family, but we save a lot on bills).  Still, I have been writing material here and there for the BFRPG game.  I have put together updates for the Quasi-Class Supplement, adding Sages and Bards to the BFRPG game.  I have moved the sub-classes (non-quasi classes) into another supplement called, "Additional Fighting Sub-Classes" (detailing a Gladiator/Duelist, Alt-Ranger, Knight, and Thug (thief subclass this time).

Also, I have been playing in a Play-by-Post game hosted on the BFRPG forums.  It has been my first time to participate in gaming this way, and I have to say that it still is very fun... albeit it moves along so slowly.  Each day I look forward to what the others have done/said.


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